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Some people may have been blessed with access to good documentation, however for me the Internet was a godsend, because as a child I wasn't living near a tech hub or CS/math university.

Imagine being restricted to a computer with DOS 6.22 / Windows 3.11, with a QBasic interpreter and a pirated Turbo Pascal compiler that couldn't compile binaries in 386 protected mode and with access only to books describing high-school level data structures and algorithms in Turbo Pascal.

I was getting some extras from a local PC magazine that was sometimes bundling the provided CD with stuff useful for developers, like I remember an issue that came with some old tutorials on stuff like how to do graphics with double buffering in Mode-X 320x240 with 256 colors and on how to override the keyboard interrupt to get better input in games. But if I had a problem with any of the described functionality, I had no search engine to turn to.

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