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Or are we facing into another printer ink situation?

Resins which harden under UV aren't that hard to make. There was a bit of a push a year or so ago when people started looking at DLP printers.

I'm not sure the cost of printer ink is due to the difficulty in manufacturing. I would hope that 3D printer resins do not follow the same business model

It's a different situation. Printer ink comes in proprietary cartridges - you can refill with lower-cost ink, but I think there's a different psychological barrier there than in the case of dumping resin out of a bottle into a tank.

There are perfectly good resins available for less than this one, and while there will surely be some difference in quality or properties, there's a good chance those differences will be slight. And their prices will all come down when they start being readily available by the liter bottle.

If not, then I see one thing I'll be getting into.

I work with UV-cure resins and I'll just comment that they are a bitch to work with. Remember, daylight is full of UV. Your interior lamps still emit some. So the moment you start working with this stuff in daylight, it starts curing. And once the process starts, you can't reverse it.

It's just not something that's consumer-friendly at this point.

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