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This alone is why I didn't hold much hope for Diaspora. If you want mass open-source installations, LAMP.

How about a (literally) one click installation to Heroku?

Aaand now you're back to the "platform dependent on a single company" problem.

What if you could one-click deploy to Heroku, OpenShift or AppFog? OpenShift can even have multiple competing hosting providers or you can use the free hosting from Redhat (which includes a LOT more resources than Heroku's free plan). And of course you could still do the traditional dedicated/VPS type installation.

The problem is that I'll want one-click on something that you didn't think to support. For example, I want to put it on Windows Azure :)

I wasn't that familiar with Azure, but I had heard that they had Linux VMs now (which would be one option), but I did a little digging and it appears you can actually run RoR apps on the Windows side as well:


Start with a "LAMP compatible" app then. Most of these platforms can deploy PHP.

Yep, I agree. Wordpress installs on Azure with one click just fine.

as mentioned before they could follow the Wordpress model with one-click install for individuals that one a hosted solution.

And a download option for those who have the expertise to setup their own server.

There's not a whole lot that's proprietary about the Heroku platform.

Fair point.

That covers the convenience factor well, but not the cost factor. Heroku's great for the right kind of app, but no-one would have heard of WordPress if it required a Heroku install.

Better yet would be to get supported by CPanel/SimpleScripts (provided with millions of hosting accounts).

rstat.us has at least one user running on linode as well. Not much more to the set-up. deploying straight to AWS is also... surprisingly easy.

Couldn't agree more! If ppl want to build shit that anyone can run, then make it run on LAMP (i.e. any shared hosting/cpanel account)!

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