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You have been a "technology manager" at Bank of America in North Carolina since 1998. Do you try new technologies such as MongoDB professionally? What are your qualifications to make such a vague statement? More importantly, what is the lesson to be learned?

I made them in other replies, sorry for being so opaque.

The fact that a 32-bit memory-mapped file is limited to 2GB is basic comp-sci. It is also reported by MongoDB everytime it starts. Furthermore it is noted in the 10gen docs in several places.

Async writes...also extremely well documented.

So the failure here is two things: failure to properly research and understand a technology critical to their business. And then failure to take personal responsibility for the first failure, and instead to blame the vendor for not building a tradition DBMS despite the documentation about the stark differences.

I use MongoDB in a side-project if that is important to understand.

You do know he sold search and indexing startup to LinkedIn, including a custom storage backend?

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