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marshray 569 days ago | link | parent

Isn't one of the defining characteristics of Mongo-like systems that they tend to aggressively favor using RAM to achieve performance? I.e., their strategy is to complete each query as quickly as possible rather than attempt to optimize for fairness of long-running transactions.

jeffdavis 569 days ago | link

I wasn't referring only to long running transactions. Indexes are clearly a way of reducing the working set (at least in a practical sense) but also vital for workloads with many short transactions.

I was not criticizing mongo per se, I was criticizing this post and other misguided statements about the working set as it relates to database software.


marshray 569 days ago | link

OK, it just seemed to me that the stated goal of Mongo-like servers was to take some of our accepted notions of the "working set as it relates to database software" and put them up for fresh discussion.


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