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They're not particularly exciting. Example: we accidentally left detailed logging enabled on a secondary server and weren't monitoring the space left on the drive for logs. The disk got full and the secondary failed. Annoying that it failed but it was our fault for not monitoring that space and also leaving detailed logging on!

Well of course it's not exciting, but that's exactly the kind of examples I like hearing about because now I know I should always have detailed logging off.

Anyways, I'm sure a lot of us would appreciate it if you wrote about your experiences, regardless of how mundane they are.

It looks like you want to leave detailed logging off...

Haha whoops. Edited my previous comment.

Sure! Will try to do it more often :) I don't often want to write about these things as they are silly mistakes... but, if it's helpful, I'll share!

You mean, detailed logging off? Or I'm confused?

+1 to share your experience. Kiip and other companies do that, and if you need to decide on a certain technology for your upcoming development, these are really exciting and far-from-boring posts.

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