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Or you could take a picture of peoples name tags and it could just do OCR... surely?

"just do OCR"

It's the future, alright.

Oh yea. If you paste an image into OneNote, it'll auto-OCR things and index them.

If you record audio into OneNote, it'll index the audio, synchronized to any other notes. I've used this on multi-hour meetings, to jump right to places where I think one party said something. Amazing.

COULD do that, or you could have all the information that they already submitted (it was more than just a vCard). I would rather not have to proof read all the OCR (there are hundreds of people at FTF)

The Heartland Developers Conference did the same thing this year. The QR code included more info than just the text on the badge so OCR would not have gotten the email address.

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