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I believe that was the point -- Apple has "decent" and "Retina-quality display" covered, and that may be somewhat lacking (in the GP's opinion) elsewhere, while the lack of upgradability on the Apple side is an incentive to switch. Get all three requirements covered in a single machine, though...

Right. That was my point. I'm not happy with the path that Apple is taking here. The non-configurability/repairability of the newer laptops along with the ever-increasing closing of the platform gives me pause.

I was looking at the Lenovo Carbon X1 as a possible candidate to replace the Macbook Air I'm currently using but it's not all-the-way-there yet. At least, not for me.

I'm hoping that the other manufacturers catch up soon.

I really want to want to buy a X1 Carbon, but it seems they aren't selling one with an i7 and 8GB. It seems to be a "choose one" situation, which is incredibly annoying.

The X1 isn't all that upgradeable either. Fundamentally I don't think anyone has figured out how to make the Ultrabook form factor very friendly to user modification.

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