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I'm with you on the fence here, I just think it depends on context. drivingmenuts seems to be talking (at least from the examples) about "how to guides/documentation" that is your usual stackoverflow, google run'of the mill "how do I solve this problem". For all those cases I think he's right on the money. when reading you can skim and find a solution to a specific problem way faster than watching any video. Also for me, all I ever want from these kinds of posts is almost always some the souce code, which means I barely read anything else anyway. But when it comes to acquiring new knowledge (ie. learning as apposed to just "refreshing" or filling in some obscure hole), I think it can be helpful to watch a video because you get commentary and the whole thought process behind whatever concepts are being presented.

I agree. I think for those who are learning, seeing the thought process behind something is very important (as long as they are paying attention). I have also seen research that shows that "speaking aloud" improves your own learning and retention, so seeing someone else to do it is helpful too. Even having a transcript is deficient to some degree as you don't see a correlation with actions and because you lose timing aspect.

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