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Why is this thread comment so unfocused? Firstly this has started with stating a broad statement of video tutorials suck which would appear to be for link bait reasons, but this broad statement is followed by a specific statement that shows he's talking about product tour videos and then it is recapped near the end with stating that video tutorials for programming suck. Lets me straight here...product tours are not video tutorials for starters and anything that focuses on a product aside from training of how to use a product are product tours and I personally believe they are tutorials at all.

- I can read faster than you can talk. Probably true but the question this leads me to is can you listen faster than you can read? If the video is HTML5 you can set the speed of the audio. At 2x speed I am becoming doubtful that you can read as fast as listening to the audio.

- I need information, not personality. Ignore the personality and take the information that you are in fact receiving still unless you're stating that the videos you have watched do not provide any information & only personality.

1. Headset, I didn't think people showed up to the workplace without these.

2. You are "scrubing" just with your eyes over the text; I am sure you reread something over & over until you fully understand it. This isn't that video tutorials are crappy but the UI of whatever is allowing you to watch the video sucks.

"guarantees I have to give up 4-10 minutes of my life that I will never get back, without any guarantee of getting the information I need." This also applies to the text version as well because there is never any guarantee that the information you are seeking is going to be there. If you want to argue out that the chances of the information being there in the text version is higher I'd agree but that isn't what you listed.

Perfect example of where a video tutorial trumps text... Udemy with Learn Python the hard way: http://www.udemy.com/learn-python-the-hard-way/ Way faster than reading the whole book especially when I was able to set the speed at 2x.

I don't believe this topic is even hacker news quality.

Audio speedup either generates chipmunk voice or cuts phonemes. Neither is an acceptable substitute, especially if one has hearing or cognitive issues. Even at 2X audio speed, I can still be halfway down a page while you're finishing the first paragraph thanks to an ability to skim information for keywords.

Personality is inescapable in a video presentation where either body or voice is present, unless the body and/or voice are computer generated. We are hard-wired to read body language or interpret inflection, even though we may be completely wrong.

If you're relying on the user having headphones, that's a mistaken assumption. There are any number of reasons that a person may not have headphones at the moment or ever. I have my own office, so I don't need headphones and I don't use them outside of my own home, in general, because I need to be aware of what's happening in the environment.

The UI for online video is pretty uniform across platforms. Yes, it sucks. To get a better UI with an actual, functioning scrub wheel, I would have to load it in Premiere or AfterEffects. However, the problem of chipmunk voice/missing phonemes applies just as much.

Well-written print documents will generally include a summary near the top that can be skimmed for informational cues in seconds. Furthermore, a standard page can be scanned for the same informational cues to localize the information. You cannot say the same about video.

I can't speak specifically to your Udemy class as I haven't taken it. However, printed course material can be re-read, taking in only the chunks that need to be re-read without having to remember a precise timecode and without having to spend much time in the preceding or following material.

Audio speedup either generates chipmunk voice or cuts phonemes.

I'm not a big fan of learning from video, but in the online classes I took this year, both on edX and on coursera, I found audio speedup perfectly functional.

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