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It really depends on the target audience. I, for example, love to read documentation rather than watch videos. However, the users of my webapp (not technical at all) prefer video tutorials. We provide a large number of knowledgebase articles as well as video tutorials. Our video tutorials have 4x the click-through than our knowledgebase.

I think the tech community does prefer docs over video but, the rest of the world loves watching videos.

Not to knock your videos, but unless your knowledge base specifically includes written tutorials, that would be an apples-to-oranges comparison. If I'm a beginner, my hierarchy of preference would be written tutorial (illustrated) > video tutorial > technical manual.

Our knowledgebase is split into 3 different sections:

1. Step-by-Step how to articles (including screenshots)

2. Overviews and guides

3. Tips & Tricks

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