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While this article is a bit flippant, I think ten years is a pretty good number when you consider the vast amount of engineering effort that has already been poured into projects like Postgres.

This brings me back to the recent discussion about reading other people's code: it is almost certainly smarter to extend an existing database until it's capable of meeting your needs, rather than write one from scratch.

The fact that many programmers don't see it that way is a testament to their irrational fear of diving into other people's code.

10 years and PostgreSQL still has no easy, manageable solution for replication or sharding. And it's JSON support is still nothing more than a bolted on hack on top of a BLOB.

People need to stop acting like PostgreSQL is some holy grail database. It isn't.

Correctly and efficiently querying sharded tables is not only a very complicated dark art but also heavily patented. I thought they had a replication story, though.

I think that just reinforces his point. Making a solid database is hard work.

And making a solid, featureful, and performant database is vastly harder.

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