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Look, Mark - can I call you Mark? - this idea of yours sucks and you should flush it down the toilet.

I'm typing this on stock Ubuntu 12.04 and let me describe what your search does and doesn't do.

I have a lot of music files on this computer with the phrase "indigo girls" in the title and metadata, okay? So let's see.

Searching for that phrase under Home: "Sorry, there is nothing that matches your search." (!!!) Fail.

Searching for that phrase under Applications: "Sorry, there are no applications that match your search." Okay!

Searching for that phrase under Files and Folders: "Sorry, there are no files or folders that match your search." (!!!) Fail.

Searching for that phrase under Music: Gives me 15 results that are "Available to purchase", but clicking on them results in Banshee media player coming up, with no file playing. I have no idea where these results are coming from and can't do anything with them. My local files do not come up. Fail.

Searching for that phrase under Videos: Gives me results from "Online", some of which appear to have indigo girls in the title and some of which do not. Apparently these are movies on Youtube that I can rent for $2.99. Most of them don't have anything to do with the Indigo Girls, but I guess you'd get a cut if I rented any of these random movie selections. The top result you suggest for "indigo girls" is "Ladies vs Ricky Bahl", which is some Bollywood movie that has nothing to do with the Indigo Girls. At least they actually work, unlike the Music suggestions. Fail.

So in sum, Mark - your lens search utterly, utterly fails at searching for the couple hundred files that are on my computer that match it, and it also fails at monetizing my search results with Youtube and wherever the Music search is supposed to send me to. It literally does not work, at all, in the slightest. At no point did ANY of my local files come up in that search. (Searching for "Indigo" and "indigo" had identical results - none of my local files found. In fact file search doesn't work at all for any search.)

Again, this is stock Ubuntu 12.04.

>We’re interested in feedback in what sorts of things would be useful to search straight from the home lens, and how to improve the search results, as well as provide better control of the process to you.

I'm going to suggest that you search for local files. Apparently this is crazy stuff. But I think it would be an improvement over sending me to rent unrelated Bollywood videos on Youtube. What do you think, Mark?

Precisely. Throughout my experience with Ubuntu I've constantly run into half-baked ideas. It would be great if they followed though with them, but every new release focuses on a new interface or adds more "features".

I switched to Arch a long time and never looked back, but these changes only enhance the need for an easy to deploy and manage distro to take Ubuntu's place in education/business settings and for those who are new to Linux.

The music lens searches thru your music library. When the files containing the music are outside of the library, they are treated as files, not as songs. Is it really so strange?

How do you define "Music library"? Is it a set of all files imported to rhythmbox? But what if I use Banshee? Or, as I've been doing for the past few months, I use cvlc with files and folders typed on the commamd line? What would you consider my music library then? The whole concept of a music library seems passing strange in a world where files are everything.

Windows has libraries for stuff. It isn't very intuitive and I'm not trying to justify it, but that is probably where the sentiment comes from.

> Is it a set of all files imported to rhythmbox?

It seems so.

That is really arbitrary, not everyone follows this convention of a designated library for specific file types.


> Searching for that phrase under Files and Folders: "Sorry, there are no files or folders that match your search."

Yes, it is really so strange. Or actually, it is really so brain-dead.

I am working on a search utility at this moment.

The first thing you want to do is figure what you're doing and adjust to your user's style rather than forcing them to adjust to your application's ideas. That is one key to a "it just works" application. Anything else is more-or-less stuck in the nineties.

Yes, that is strange.

Your comment might explain the situation, if my files came up when searching in Home and Files but not Music.

But that isn't the case. They don't come up anywhere.

Absolutely spot-on.

And the point is that there is nothing wrong with commercializing your file search system ... once it works, TO THE DEGREE THAT IT WORKS.

If you are only lightly searching local files, then sending the user to a paid ad is bunk. If you know you've heavily searched the local drive and given some easy result too, then adding a paid ad would acceptable, maybe even useful. Look at Google, you've got a good example to follow. People don't hate Google but they'll hate this crap. OK?

Wow what a comment. This is some alright feedback, but are we treating this like a paid product much? Feedback is one thing, but are you really entitled to such a good (free) product (that you didn't help make)that you can bash it like this? Go buy redhat and complain to them.

I would argue that Ubuntu is the antithesis of traditional "scratch-your-own-itch" open source software. The developer of a command line tool that converts widgets to frobnicators can afford to say things like "you get what you pay for" or "it's free so don't complain". She doesn't care whether people use it or not, it works for her and that's all that matters.

On the other hand, Ubuntu is mostly marketing. They actually want people to use their software. This apologist sentiment so typical of Linux advocates won't work here.

Agreed, their website is full of stuff about the benefits of switching your corporation over to Ubuntu.

You can't make statements like that and then say "it's free, don't complain".

You don't buy Red Hat any more than Ubuntu. In both cases you're free to pay or not pay.

In any case, the product I might pay for has nothikng to do with the WM. It's a great package manager with timely updated. All this moving of the cheese, for me, mlstly distracts from the core service I'm looking for. (same deal with Apple/Microsoft.)

not OP, but at the point someone is trying to make money off me, it is not a free product.

I have tried various distro's in past few months. Ubuntu seems to be the only one with some vision. It is not perfect and it is not the best but it does give you sense of using a comprehensive operating system.

Other than that - people just like to hate. There is no solution to it.

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