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Ask HN: Hacker / Entrepreneur related things to do when in San Fran
7 points by shunter on Sept 20, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
Hi HN,

I'm going to be down in San Fran for a week at a conference. Outside of the normal conference activities, I'd like to try to connect with the scene, people, and get to know a little about the life of an entrepreneur / hacker in San Fran.

Places to go, people to connect with, suggestions and thoughts are all appreciated.


I visited San Francisco for the first time over this most recent summer on vacation and got my best advice from a friend who works in the area- he suggested visiting co-working spaces or "entrepreneur" popular coffee shops as the best way to make connections or network outside of getting a introduction from a friend of a friend.

The list of locations he suggested to me are the following: Coworking: http://wiki.coworking.com/w/page/16583935/SanFranciscoCowork...

Coffee: Fourbarrel Coffee: http://fourbarrelcoffee.com Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto: http://www.coupacafe.com/ Coupa Cafe on the Stanford Campus: http://www.coupacafe.com/locations/stanford-green-library/ The Summit: http://www.thesummit-sf.com/

It is quite awkward to just "drop in" and cold visit these places, but I found that attending during an event made for a perfect occasion to network.

Also, have you tried just reaching out to any startups you are interested in? I was able to visit several just by contacting them ahead of time (important), explaining what I wanted clearly (introduction, advice, etc) and then setting up a lunch or tour.

i like to pretend i'm a hacker by ordering expensive drinks at the y combinator cafe in the mission....i am hoping the skill around me will rub off by osmosis or something

(1) don't call it "San Fran".

What, are we in 2nd grade? Call it whatever the fuck you want. /rant

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