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Sure, be nitpicky. My MBP downloaded and installed iOS 6 on my iPad, that's it. And it got it's own OS X 10.8.2 upgrade. It was so simple, that I barely noticed it. In the mean time, my phone just asked me again whether I want to install the system upgrade. And once again, it did the countdown from 10 to 0 and then got stuck.

On a site called Hacker News, it's not particularly "nitpicky" to expect someone to demonstrate a certain level of competence and to question what else they may not be competent about when they don't. I also question my relatives' competence when they starts talking about "the computer" being the monitor on their desk, too.

And my Galaxy Nexus installed the 4.1 update by pressing one button on the device. Anecdotes are interesting that way.

You're on the wrong site if you can't even tell the difference between iOS and Mac OS.

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