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Several of Obama's policies (not including the health care bill) have been exceedingly pro-capatilism, and Obama is making huge huge pushes to bring manufacturing back to the states and create American jobs. Both of which you would think would cater to the Republican philosophies, but no, he's just seen as even more "socialist" with them.

And to try to lend a little credit to my statement, I'm independent, and tend to vote conservative/libertarian.

> bring manufacturing back

Well, I'd say Republicans mouth those ideals and then vote for nafta/wto/etc. And so did many Democrats. So did Clinton. But I don't see bringing jobs back as anti-Democrat, I'd see it as more of a progressive/workers thing. The only people screaming about Nafta were unions, socialists and paleocons.

edit: I'd add that as for economic philosophies, Reagan Democrats are still Reagan Democrats.

> credit

I'm sure that in your mind, democrats flip-flop all the time. I just don't see any evidence of that regardless of your personal enlightenments.

So here I think you're nicely highlighting the earlier point. You are more interested in defending Democrats from some imagined charge of flip-flopping all the time. That's a charge I never made. The point I was making is that there is a lot of continuity in US policy from one admin to the others. This leads voters to rationalize their support/opposition to such policies based on who's in power. If you don't see that happening, that's great.

The word continuity does not appear anywhere in your OP. The statement that voters take opposite positions depending on who is in power does.

I'm more interested in you documenting, factually with polls, countless examples of D's doing this flip-flopping. Exactly who was against Afganistan but suddenly rationalized supporting it when they learned Obama was for it?

>> "I'm sure that in your mind, democrats flip-flop all the time. I just don't see any evidence of that regardless of your personal enlightenments."

I'm not entirely sure how I implied dems flip-flop, or do so more than repubs? I was more making the case that people will stick to their "tribe/pack mentality" even when the other side is doing something congruent with their "beliefs". I also wasn't attacking Obama above, but supporting some of his actions.

But now that you mention it... Obama pledged to bring change and transparency to the presidency, but he's been the harshest president on whistle blowers, and actually operates more behind closed doors than any before him. He also flipped on the gitmo/prisoner thing. They all flip-flop (politicians, red or blue), this is politics, say whatever it takes to get yourself in office, then say whatever it takes to keep yourself there. The American public is buyin.

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