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Show HN: After a couple of months playing with the Reddit API, I built this... (flipmeme.com)
38 points by emilioolivares on Sept 20, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 46 comments

I really like the design. It looks great. Just one issue. The "Next" and "Previous" buttons are inconveniently placed. They should be placed near the picture. I recommend putting them on the sides of the picture, in the center, similar to how facebook does it.

Agree, I'll think about moving them in version 1.0.1 :).

I like it, will check it more at home with more time.

Though I usually use http://reddpics.com/ to browse, hum, some subreddits I'm not subscibed to because the content doesn't mix with open space.

Thanks for sharing, I wasn't aware of reddpics.com, I kinda created this in a vacuum for myself without really investigating what was out there. Will look at reddpics more closely.

For a quick overview I use http://redditmag.saibotd.com/r/pics

Reading HN -> Saw this post -> Clicked -> Saw http://www.flipmeme.com/image/raKHs -> Bought two pieces of this guy's art

Wow!!!! I'm humbled fm could participate in that process. The guy's art is pretty awesome I have to say.

That guy today probably made millions. Totally deserved.

Right arrow key doesn't do anything on Firefox. Sometimes the image is blank and only shows when you press back. Keep clicking next and it'll say "error loading page"

If you spam the "next image", weird things happen. i.e. clicking on change channels will redirect back to the current image.

>You're seeing this error because you have DEBUG = True in your Django settings file. Change that to False, and Django will display a standard 404 page.

Thanks for the feedback! Need to turn off Django debug mode and fix that pesky right arrow key. It doesn't seem to work if the browser or window loses focus.

It's in focus and sometimes still doesn't work.

Uncheck everything and check only gonewild in channels, then save the settings and you get redirected to http://www.flipmeme.com/image/None

Other than that, very cool site.

Thanks man, glad you like! I have a background process running that should fill out all of the categories within a couple of hours. It's on cron so it will update the site with new stuff every hour or so. Please come back tomorrow or the day after and let me know what your think. Thanks!!!! :)

Got as far as Skrillex and it bombed. Refreshed the page and went through the same stack of pictures again. I think it would be more useful if 'random' pictures were actually random. And also if it were possible to view more than 10 pictures. Overall, I appreciate the effort and it was something useful that I enjoyed.

Fun to play with. Have to question the content though, so far it's been random gifs and screenshots of 4chan talking about menstruation... Can we filter the subreddits to something a little more mature? Perhaps the various *porn subreddits (nature porn, history porn, etc).

Yes, click on the channels button on the top right!!! It has a list of subreddits, you can filter from there...

Okay great, I tried clicking the /r/ link in the footer which didn't work.

Much better without the rage comics and whatnot.

Great work. Like it. I can see myself using this on slow days. Did you post this to reddit?


> FlipMeme let's you browse images posted on Imgur & Reddit

Should be "Lets", no apostrophe. Being a reddit oriented site, gotta take more care. Else the grammar nazis gonna get y'all.

Thanks man :D! It's definitely not ready for prime time, I still need to fix a bunch of small details and fill the database with more image links. One more week and I'll let my baby out in the wild.

Thanks for catching that typo BTW.

Just fixed the typo on the front page!!

Looking at it from an iPhone. Sadly it's not usable. No images can be seen in portrait or landscape mode. Just people's comments. A lot of the text extends past the borders of the screen and there's no way to scale the screen.

:(, I will make version 1.0.1 fit an iphone screen. Promise! I actually have a prototype already using responsive web design, unfortunately the icons look blurry. Need to upscale them so that they look better.

It would be awesome if you could link the title to the Reddit post, or provide any linking function. Maybe it's there but I couldn't find it.

Edit: No sooner did I go back and refresh, there were links on the posts. Awesome work.

Thanks, just pushed a new version that has a link to the original post below the title. Appreciate your suggestion!

Really well designed and nicely done :D. My only comment about it is that every time I reload the site, it shows me the same images in the same order. Need to randomize it up a little bit.

Agree. There is a channels button to the top right, you can select which subreddits you want images from and also how to order the images. But good idea, I need to add a show random images option.

Reminds of the lol turtle FB Open Graph meme viewer phenomenon...if you'd really like some virality, I'd highly recommend OG.

I'm getting an error when I'm on http://www.flipmeme.com/image/XWkG2 and clicking next: "Error loading page"

Thanks, let me look into this...

I'm seeing the same error, trying to visit http://www.flipmeme.com/image/VR3oq from http://www.flipmeme.com/image/XWkG2

Great site, I can see myself hitting the right arrow key for hours on end :)

Just pushed out a new version, added link to original post on Reddit below image title. Fixed typo on main index page. Thanks for all your comments and feedback!

Just went live a couple of minutes ago so it has practically no links. Still in beta! Your feedback is very much appreciated!

I had made something similar a while back. http://pics.fefoo.com/

I like it, but after a while of hitting next, I get an error saying "Error Loading Page"

Cool idea and looks great -- one of the more interesting Show HN posts as of late.

Thanks, truly appreciate the feedback!

I was thinking you should collect email and start a "top 10 reddit images of the week" email or something to get return visits over time.

Reminds me of http://mongout.com/

And http://9gag.com/fast, Facebook modal albums and Google+ albums :)

Yep, Google+ was definitely an inspiration! 9gag.com/fast I wasn't aware of, will check it out more closely.

Wow, that's a nice site... works on mobile too, thanks for pointing it out. I still have much to learn it seems.

Looks pretty good. Just so you know, your Google Analytics js is commented out.

Is there a way to get to the original post?

Totally missed that.. I need to add links back to Imgur and Reddit. Good call, will add later tonight.

Please add rel=”next” and rel=”prev”.

Awesome work!!

Thanks!!!! :D

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