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war in afghanistan

2008 bailouts

Where are all these 'Democrats' that hated the Afghan war and now love it? You do know that Obama campaigned on doubling down in Afghanistan? So did those Democrats flip-flop while he was a candidate or after?

Or are there 'Republicans' protesting against the Afghan war now?

As for bailouts, can you name a Democrat who was against before they were for it? Because I don't know a Congessperson with a 'D' who voted against the bailouts.

And yet most of the Democrats in Congress voted for the surge. Schumer did not switch to a withdrawal position until June of 2011. Is that a flip-flop, or soemthing more nuanced?


IMO, he had just decided the 'Decent Interval' strategy was decent enough.

TY for the link, certainly more Congressional dissatisfaction than indicated. I will note that both Administrations supported the bill, so I'm still not sure who flip-flopped except for the House Republicans (it had failed an earlier vote and Pelosi publically said she'd just wait for the Republicans to cough up enough votes, which they did).

The original point wasn't a party political one, but I think your reaction demonstrates it nicely. What the administrations do isn't the question, its that their tribes convince themselves that their team has been consistent and that they haven't changed their minds... which is what the study was trying to show as well.

You keep focusing on those elected, where the point was about those doing the electing.

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