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iOS6 maps simply does not work in Tokyo. Here's a comparison my friend posted.. Tokyo Station doesn't exist at all, and the level of details is woeful.


This does not bode well for international users. I've been traveling through Asia for the past year, and the Google-based maps app has been invaluable (and quite accurate) in every country I've been to.

On the other hand, my girlfriend just upgraded to iOS 6 and her version of maps is basically completely useless. It won't find anything that my iOS 5 version can find.

Maps are such an important feature for travelers that I basically can't upgrade to iOS 6 until the situation is addressed, hopefully by Google releasing a standalone maps app.

This one's better: https://twitter.com/ahm/status/248064518566051840

The lack of train lines on the maps until you zoom in super-far is shockingly bad. At least your friend managed to find things with his searches - most of my searches for Japanese addresses just come up with "not found" error. Apple's maps definitely seem far more car-oriented than walking or public-transit oriented.

I've taken to carrying an Android phone along with my iPhone.

To be fair, they look about the same, they're just not marked and the transit system isn't drawn in. It's just blank. If the transit system still exists and is accessible in the back end, then it's not so bad and is actually about the same --- just doesn't look as pretty.

Oh, and I'm not an Apple fanboy. The most recent piece of Apple hardware I have is a iPhone 3G. My upgrade from that was a Motorola Droid and then a Droid Bionic.

It's really not usable.

Apart from having NO STATION (It's a really really big station - busiest and one of the biggest in Tokyo) several different train line's terminals are merged into one blue blip smack bang in the center.

There are no convenience stores / landmark shops (eg. mosburger) which ALL Japanese use to find their way around due to lack of order in building numbers (no street numbers.)

The 26, 27 etc. you see are numbered blocks which people use to find addresses - not visible on new map.

No indication of one way streets in most cases. Shinjuku, like many dense parts of Tokyo, has a lot of one way streets.

If you're walking around Shinjuku on foot (as everybody does), Apple's map is basically useless. Note how the Google map has all the exits marked, the different stations (JR vs Metro vs Keio line). The whole red area on the Google map is the station, part of it underground. Navigating around Tokyo, maps of stations are essential.

The level of detail for London looks just as bad: http://i.imgur.com/W6ksp.jpg

... for a moment I thought that was iPhone UI put up next to Android UI ... I thought this was funny.

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