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Github are absolutely killing it right now. Seems like everyday there's a new HN submission about a cool new Github feature or redesigned aspect. The new profile design is nice, but seems more emphasis has been placed on users who own repos as opposed to contributing to other repos.

Still needs a space to add in a brief bio though considering Github is considered to be the new age developer resume.

The frontpage posts recently have been about site-wide GitHub outages (twice), plus their blog post about how it happened.

Not exactly "killing it", unless I misunderstood you...

Slow down there for a minute, man. It was in reference to the new command bar feature they recently implemented, being able to search & filter stars, the addition of the commit status API and all of that was introduced this month. September has been a very busy month for Github in terms of changes and functionality, so yes I'd say killing it.

As for the outages, at least they were honest and transparent about the outages unlike many other companies who try and sweep it under the rug. Accountability and transparency are 2 great traits to have in a company.

No need to be so cynical erichocean.

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