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Problems with Skitch 2.0 (evernote.com)
47 points by lancewiggs 1912 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

Wow, those are some seriously annoyed users Evernote has there. As noted in the thread, the old version is still available (for now at least) at:


I've never used Skitch, but have heard raves from so many people that I've been planning to take a look at it; based on the feedback in this thread, though, I made sure to snag the old version.

I just regretted to upgrade the mac app store version of the app to 2.0. You know, the problem with app store is that you can't really use old versions of an app. The new version completely destroy the useability of snapping and destroy useability of sharing. Yes, they need tight integration with Evernote, however, Evernote really isn't my favorite for managing images (I use Flickr more) and they completely destroyed that too.

It's been too long that I saw such a degrade of functionality of updated apps for a very long time.

Did you happen to try copying the application to another location before updating, and over-writing the new version of an app updated via the App Store?

I'm not trying to be difficult; it's an honest question.

God what has evernote done? Skitch was perfect, it's the most complete easy to use screenshot/annotation app i've ever used and is on my daily toolbelt since forever but with this update Evernote totally ruined the experience. Why on earth would they downgrade skitch? If they rewrote it they could as well just called it Evershot and released it as a separate App.

I'm back to using 1.X for now.

Evernote, you guys have a long way to go with Skitch before it's back to where it was.

PS: I do like the new design though, they made it "look" sexy, the problem is that it's all facade :(

>Skitch was perfect

Really? While I'm somewhat fond of Skitch, some of us find the UX rather confusing. The menu's were cluttered, and for the most part does not operate on common design patterns.

For example, nearly all image apps allow your to draw a box to crop. Skitch re-invents the wheel, and asks the user to learn their method: Dragging the inside border of the inner canvas. Yup.. actually had use Google to figure it out :/

Skitch has been in constant decline since Evernote became involved. There was a period of months where it was rendered totally unusable for me because it would crash when you tried to upload to a custom SFTP server (my only use for sharing images). I bought Skitch with the hopes that it would at least continue working as it was but I have been thoroughly disappointed.

I heavily use this app all the time. I pulled the 1.0 out of TimeMachine. 2.0 is a mess. Don't upgrade.

Another example of a lie an acquiring company gives when they acquire a great product. I use Skitch 10-15 times a day and won't update.

The design of Skitch was in many ways pretty bad. It's much better now. However they seem to have removed 90% of the functionality, much of what probably made people (at least me) use Skitch in the first place.

I remember how Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, raved in a Stanford eCorner speech about how proud he was to have acquired Skitch and how the Skitch founders saw Evernote as the perfect partner to scale their product without interfering. Don't think they're as happy now. Great speech though: http://ecorner.stanford.edu/author/phil_libin

Skitch 1.0.12 -- the latest version prior to 2 -- is (currently) available at http://get.skitch.com/Skitch-1.0.12.zip

cudos to http://www.tuaw.com/2012/09/20/skitch-2-0-is-like-skitch-1-0... for pointing this out

Sounds like they have done the classic rewrite mistake. http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000069.html

"When you throw away code and start from scratch, you are throwing away all that knowledge. All those collected bug fixes. Years of programming work."

Sounds more like the classic we-need-a-client-for-our-service-so-we'll-buy-this-general-purpose-utility-with-a-large-fan-base-and-remove-any-functionality-that-doesn't-drive-them-to-use-our-service mistake. Don't have a Joel link for it.

"Head of Skitch" is the name of the job that was forwarded to me on LinkedIn. They are apparently looking for someone to run the division in Austin which includes about 30 employees. This person would be responsible for figuring out how to make it successful, something that clearly hasn't happened yet.

What are some decent Skitch alternatives, something that lets you easily write and draw on the screen shots? Preferably I'd like to share via Dropbox. I already pay them so I don't see why I want to pay for Evernote too.

Snagit is worth a look: http://www.techsmith.com/snagit-mac-features.html

It doesn't support Dropbox and it's not quite as good on the whole as Skitch was, but it's the closest thing I've found (and it does video capture too).

If you don't need the annotation tools and just want to get a screenshot online fast, Droplr is the best I've found: https://droplr.com/hello

ftp/sftp upload was the most distinguishing feature of skitch. All these cloud snipping apps like droplr.com and getcloudapp.com all pretty nice, but have no custom upload location (linked to their own cloud) and no annotation ability.

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