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Since they have not posted anything about it yet, this might again be an accidental release of the branch.

I wonder how many of these accidental deploys they have on a regular basis which we don't notice.

Or perhaps we've spent the past few weeks furiously improving performance so we can ship this genpop, and we chose to ship during downtraffic times to give extra insurance the feature would improve speed rather than degrade it.

No deploy is on accident.

Are you saying the last one was not an accident either?

Only reason I thought this was an accident is because there was no blog post about it. Usually Github introduces it's every single improvement[1] on it's blog. Compared to them this definitely deserves an introduction.

[1] https://github.com/blog/1184-contributing-guidelines

I asked Zach Holman: It wasn't an accident, and a blog post will be up later.


What's a genpop?

"General population"

definitely seems that way, some of it doesn't work. The repository filters are not implemented.

It works for me

it seems to work for me now. Maybe it was a caching issue with my browser.

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