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I have not seen this movie (yet) - But there is an other film that was made on a shoestring budget (ca$5000) called Donkey.


This film has the feeling and quality of early Quentin Tarantino films, and a plot that is much better than 90% of major US films.

Primer (2004) is surprisingly good indie film made for just $7000:


Primer is probably my all-time favorite. I'm in love with the whole thing. The story, the acting, the soundtrack, all phenomenal for what is basically the work of one guy.

The best part, though, is the feeling that you could go out to your garage and build something amazing.

What ever happend to that dude? Shane Carruth? Form the looks of his imdb he hasn't done much. Too bad :(

From what I've heard, he's working on a new movie called A Topiary. I assume he's doing it the same way as Primer, so it'll probably be a while.

io9 has some (not too spoiler-y) info about A Topiary from 2010:


yes! this was a big deal to me when it came out. I don't know why more people didn't go for this type of indie sci-fi type films. If you consider it sci-fi. Regardless, great movie with such a small budget.

I can confirm that Joe Avella loved Primer. He even sent me a copy in the mail (hey, it was a long time ago).

Let me know what you think when you (finally) see it :)

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