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Could the message be any more clear? Stop putting Apple in your critical path. They hold all the cards and you hold none.

Of course! There's no possible way to promote your app other than telling users to search for it in the App Store. If having users stumble upon your app is in your critical path, you have other problems.

The search results have always been less-than-stellar whether you could scroll through 25 results in 1s or 11s.

Why hasn't Google jumped on this? If I search for "todo app" in Google, I get mostly blogs (SEO experts) and one app that apparently was the first to ask for the name Todo.

Shouldn't Google trigger a special view like they do when you search for "CITY_NAME weather" or "MOVIE_TITLE showtimes"?

You mean platform dependent results? If the person is accessing from Web then web apps, from Android then playstore results etc... Sounds nice actually!

If you're logged in Google knows what smartphone you own, might as well serve app results tailored to you.

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