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I find it interesting (but not surprising) that California is making an effort to make voter registration easier, while many states (mostly Southern) continue to try to put obstacles in the way of many people (mostly African-American, or poor, or both) being able to register to vote.

Also interesting that the state where it is easiest for people to vote is probably the least important in this election as I imagine you couldn't bet someone 500 dollars to win a dollar that Romney would win California.

If it was a swing state the battle to allow people to vote or not would be headed right to the courts.

Absolutely agree. The current registration and voting process many states have in place today totally discourages people from voting. I recall trying to vote in this year's primary elections and had to go through so many loops just to make a few check marks that I questioned my own sanity and finally voted to not vote. The technology is there to fix this issue and make voting a click away. I just wish our government would make this a higher priority. We can do better.

This online system only works if you have a state-issued photo id.

I don't know where you got this from. There is a "I don't have a california ID" box you can check, input your social security number and you're done.

This isn't true. I registered a few weeks ago using my social security number.

Many states are also actively trying to prevent registered voters from voting with voter ID laws.

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