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I feel that Problem 3 is a more legal and socio-political issue than a marketplace issue. How do you control organ trafficking from poor undeveloped countries?

Ah, but that's where the best hacks can occur usually where legal or socio-political issues keep the best solution from occuring. Unlike a real marketplace, a co-op is an agreed marketplace, so it won't allow new entrants unless they join. To fix the undeveloped country problem, you just limit to the US first. The perspective should be that individuals who want to contribute their organs to the co-op can, but are also allowed to partake in it later as well.

I think another solution could be to link the Organ Donor programs together. I think several US states have DMVs that register Organ Donation options. It could be a good starting point to get Donors matched up with Recipients. On similar lines, various blood donation program registries and bone marrow registries can also be incorporated in this marketplace. At least we will be sure that who ever is participating is doing so out of his/her own will.

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