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Microsoft feels that game quality on the 360 impacts them more than application quality on Windows does. :-)

Many a true word spoken in jest!

This actually makes a lot of sense. I mean, Microsoft is a gatekeeper on the Xbox 360 and enforces quite a bit of forced QA on every game officially released for the platform. If an Xbox 360 game crashes, I view it as a Microsoft failing, even if the game isn't developed by them. OTOH, if a non-Microsoft Windows app crashes, I don't blame Microsoft at all but rather the app developer.

Carmack is no doubt familiar with Microsoft's game cert process, it probably wasn't in jest at all.

It does impact Microsoft more, because Microsoft has taken on responsibility for games to be good (well, meet certain baselines for various definitions of good) through their TCRs.

'Twas his smiley on the end, I didn't add it.

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