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> Too often I have seen entrepreneurs believe that customers will automatically flock to their cool new service, completely underestimating how tough it is to cut through the noise and build an audience.

I usually think the opposite. Most of the time when I come up with an idea for a start-up I think "How the hell am I going to get users on this thing?"

My guess is that you've had enough failures to figure this out. It took me a couple.

I see this 'the product will see itself' thinking often with engineering peeps. They are usually very logical people that evaluate their decisions this way but the market can be very different in their purchasing triggers. Good distribution and brand recognition can sell even sub par products. There is much to be said for getting these parts of a business running well.

How do you go about to answer that question?

By making sure you're building something that is intuitive and that people are interested in.

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