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Stubb: Build REST API mocks using your file system (github.com)
46 points by knuton 1766 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

There's another application for this besides mocking: static REST routes.

For example, imagine if all github pages had this enabled. Then, by writing the appropriate files, you could provide a REST interface to static assets in an interesting way.

I can't quite, at the moment, come up with anything I would actually USE this for, but it would be quite neat.

I was just writing some dumb hardcoded json mock code here and wondering when my IIS-powered colleague will be available for us to test and implement the proper requests. Then this comes in and allows me code an almost production-ready frontend all by myself on my Microsoftless linux box--which I'll be doing right away.

I don't get this. How do you handle POST/PUT/DELETE requests with files? It doesn't say much about it in the README.

Well, this is only for stubbing an API, you don’t build an actual API, so nothing in the filesystem is changed when you PUT, POST or DELETE.

What does change though is the state in the working memory, specifically in the stubb server process, by means of which you can change the response by using the response sequences described in the README. You might for example test a client-side deletion procedure, so you specify a stalling response sequence with two members. Your first DELETE request to /photos/5 will be responded to with the content described in the first sequence member (say 200 OK), while all further requests will be responded to with the content described in the second sequence member (say 404 NOT FOUND, using YAML frontmatter for specifying the HTTP status).

Kudos! This is a quite brilliant idea for building simple API prototypes.

Well, I think that's rather rude. Why would it mock the use of my file system?

That's okay, my filesystem will kill his wife.

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