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I'd like to see a TeX -> MathML program come about. With web publishing, the standard A4 page approach isn't optimal anymore; further, MathML just seems so cool (even if it's still really in it's beta or alpha stages). I know TeX has so many things you can do with it, but this article brings up a great point: with people moving a large majority of their work to diminutive tablets, a 4GB TeXLive distribution probably won't work.

The simple answer to that seems to be to not move to working on tablets. For LaTeX editing, I can't see any advantage that a tablet would offer over a notebook, and there are a lot of disadvantages.

An article that appeared at the same time on HN's front page points out some of the benefits:


He does not compare the tablet with a notebook for the use case of interest here, writing TeX documents (or something similar), and the disadvantes for notebooks that he gives would seem to prevent you from working with a tablet too (e.g., using a remote server for compilation will also help with the battery life of a netbook, and you may even be able to swap the battery).

The major problem in writing TeX on a tablet seems to be the keyboard: It takes away screen space (which is already hard to come by, since ideally you would have the source and the compiled output displayed side-by-side), is much less convenient to use than a physical keyboard, and (usually) makes it more difficult to get to special characters which are really important for TeX: \, {, }, [, ], and so on.

I can see how it could be usable for copy-editing, but for longer writing a notebook beats a tablet any day.

There is no shortage of TeX ↔ MathML conversion tools and solutions, one spectacularly prominent example is MathJaX (http://www.mathjax.org/) which can take TeX input and output MathML (for browsers supporting it) or do its own rendering into regular HTML.

Mathjax is pretty cool but it's also pretty slow if you have many formulas. While it's loading the page keeps rescrolling up and down because the document grows and shrinks. I started noticing the load after already ~30 formulas, quite big formulas though.

Also the distribution is a bit bulky, it consists of over 30000 files. You can remove many of them but then you also loose a big part of the compatibility. While speaking of compatibility, some formulas look kinda weird, but those are very few

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