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The mind boggles. How long must it have taken him to create this. It is HUGE. I have been scrolling round for about 20 minutes and still have not found an end to it.

Yay. Finally found an edge. Seen so far: - absolutely massive cave system (not fully explored) containing a small village, amongst other things; - massive space rocket - satellite dish - what appear to be raptors running through the grass - well, they had to be there somewhere, didn't they :-)

from: http://imgs.xkcd.com/clickdrag/1110.js

  var size=[14,48,25,33];
  var tilesize=2048;
  var map_size=[(size[1]+size[3])*tilesize,(size[0]+size[2])*tilesize];
So 165888x79872!!!

easier to find it here <div class="map" style="width: 165888px; height: 79872px; position: absolute; z-index: -1; left: -67645.4px; top: -27545.6px;">

On my display it's 350 metres long...

I'm running a program to map it right now

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