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Xkcd: Click and Drag (xkcd.com)
418 points by nrkn on Sept 19, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 89 comments

I wrote some JS to add keyboard controls to the map, because clicking and dragging is for suckers. http://www.potch.me/blog/press-and-hold.html

I've integrated this into a full-screen view: http://ares.aylett.co.uk/xkcd/

Thanks man, that's especially useful to find the Easter eggs since you can use ctrl + or - to zoom in and out and stay oriented. Between that, and using this as a map, you can pretty much check out the whole comic without getting frustrated: http://www.wickedglitch.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/resul...

as a bookmarklet:

    javascript:var kn=document.createElement('script');kn.src='//raw.github.com/gist/3748621/1bbdaee115134d0106978e42a5423f7b3e5de5e3/nav.js'; kn.type='text/javascript';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(kn);


I added a bookmarklet of the original code to the site- I know you're legit, but I'm always wary of encouraging people to load random external JS via a bookmarklet.

I will steal your XKCD cookie and order a thousand t-shirts :)

I'm holding out for a version that lets me use two-finger scrolling.

Three finger scrolling works on a mac (Lion). I think you can enable drag lock on snow leopard for the same effect.

EDIT: The mouse does move off the view port during drag, so its probably not that much more efficient.

Look at the Trackpad page in System Preferences. There's a reason why it's called "Three finger drag" instead of "Three finger scroll". :)

In Lion, I'm pretty sure this only works if you enable "Three Finger Drag" in the trackpad settings.

Haha, I wrote some, too. I should have checked here before I bothered, I guess.

Ah well, it was a momentary amusement. :)

Thanks! Much easier.

amazing. thanks!

1/8 scale (256x256 tiles): http://edc.srvs.us/1110-eighth/

1/4 scale (512x512 tiles): http://edc.srvs.us/1110-quarter/

1/2 scale (1024x1024 tiles): http://edc.srvs.us/1110-half/

full size (2048x2048 tiles): http://edc.srvs.us/1110/

None of them crash Chrome on my Mac, but good luck with that...

I made a high res PDF (text balloons are readable) - http://s.rlink.co/JZ6G

Thanks, that's the most usable version I've seen in this thread yet. You win 3 gold Internets.

This one is even more usefull: http://xkcd-map.rent-a-geek.de/ (give that guy a diamond Internets)

Thank you both!

Bwahaha, upper left corner (waaaay up). I'm working at a small startup. Our business model is "taking free drinks from industry events and reselling them".

Edit: Holy shit I had no idea how huge this was! I'd pay for a massive framed poster of this thing.

Nice catch. Direct link to the tile: http://imgs.xkcd.com/clickdrag/2n2w.png

'stupid feebsd' and a crashed plane

"Copy that Gold Leader. I'm already on my way out." with X-wing. And "Becky?" Deep in the caves.

I found the raptors (the author hates raptors).

Here's a torrent of all the images: https://ubuntuone.com/4VxOo5cnInZWQUEplIdb2c

I was having trouble downloading the torrent, so I wrote a little script to get it for me:


Warning: 6mb worth of files.

Edit: Github repo with all the images and the script, so that people don't need to hammer the xkcd server:


And here is how you get a web page you can open to view the whole thing in a one sitting:

  perl -e'print "<style>img{width:2048px;height:2048px}</style><pre>"; print /X$/ ? "\n" : "<img src=$_.png>" for @ARGV' {{13..1}n,{1..19}s}{{33..1}w,{1..48}e,X} > index.html
Warning: gigantic page, may crash your browser. (Not as bad as it might seem, since many tiles are missing.)

And folks can hammer github's servers instead by viewing the commit https://github.com/danielribeiro/xkcd_grab/commit/40f58f4d1a...

Thanks for sharing! I was just going to do that myself, glad that now I don’t have to.

Edit: I retract this comment. Having written my own script to fetch everything within the boundaries I suggested, I found that it didn't get any that weren't already in the torrent.

Going by the other comments, I suspect this is missing some. vladoh claims there's even more stuff under the tunnels. Meanwhile, mayanksinghal points out the size of the array holding everything -- it appears north goes up to 14, and south goes down to 25; however, the images in this torrent go only as high as north 11 and south 25. (Seems everyone agrees that the east and west boundaries are 48 and 33.)

Randall still draws with pencil and paper, and draws "really big"; I really want to know how much paper area he used for this one :O

Don't use any of the spoilers, image maps or sites that stich it together, it is much more enjoyable when you discover the entire image through the viewport dimensions as originally intended.

It is also much more enjoyable when you don't know what to expect

agreed. Much of the comedy comes from the subversion of expectations...

...although some nerds prefer figuring out puzzles. And yes, nerd in this case is a term of endearment.

Simple way to share positions:

var p =$('.map').position();prompt("Have someone run this code to see this position","$('.map').css({'left':"+p['left']+", 'top':"+p['top']+"})");

This gives you a snippet you can send to someone else to run.


Also, don't want to drag? http://www.potch.me/blog/press-and-hold.html

Excellent! I feel like Randall is getting closer to producing an actual game with his worlds and characters. I look forward to what he has in store for us in the future.

I think he already has:) Look around you at all the people playing. Hint: the ones writing code are winning...


the white square at 11n11e is not at the good position on this map.

I wonder why 11n11e and 11s11e are empty.

All of the 11x11y squares are empty, the south ones are just black instead of white. I've not worked out why yet.

Somebody in another forum pointed out that 1111 is the next comic.

Phew, found both the edges, traversed all of the tunnels. Finally I'm free!

Also, really impressed. The way the tunnels on the left side met up with the Mario tunnel was pretty cool.

There are 4 edges :) Under the tunnels there is a whole new world ;)

4 edges o.0

You mean to say that under the tunnels, that is under all of the black, there is more? And there is more stuff in the air too?

Ima kill Randall Munroe >_<

the "total image" is 165888 by 79872, fwiw.

http://edc.srvs.us/1110/ seems to have a pretty complete tiling


A practical introduction to the Backtracking algorithm.

The very last image to the right, "I wonder where i'll float next?" is a reference to Randall's first xkcd comic; http://xkcd.com/1/

The mind boggles. How long must it have taken him to create this. It is HUGE. I have been scrolling round for about 20 minutes and still have not found an end to it.

Yay. Finally found an edge. Seen so far: - absolutely massive cave system (not fully explored) containing a small village, amongst other things; - massive space rocket - satellite dish - what appear to be raptors running through the grass - well, they had to be there somewhere, didn't they :-)

from: http://imgs.xkcd.com/clickdrag/1110.js

  var size=[14,48,25,33];
  var tilesize=2048;
  var map_size=[(size[1]+size[3])*tilesize,(size[0]+size[2])*tilesize];
So 165888x79872!!!

easier to find it here <div class="map" style="width: 165888px; height: 79872px; position: absolute; z-index: -1; left: -67645.4px; top: -27545.6px;">

On my display it's 350 metres long...

I'm running a program to map it right now

I created a full high res PDF of the image (only 11MB), with readable text balloons. — http://s.rlink.co/JZ6G

Could anyone create a torrent for this? Dropbox has killed the link.

full screen (at least in chrome):

    javascript:$('#comic').removeAttr('style'); $('.map').css('z-index',1).css('background','#fff');$('body').css('overflow','hidden');

I had to stop because my hand began to hurt.

You have my deepest gratitude for reminding me what discovery and exploration feels like.

Does the comic remind anybody else of Terraria? 2D scrollers are the best games...

It's disappointing that it appears this won't make the front page. It appears the domain is on a blacklist.

Makes sense from a cheap humour perspective, but that's not what this one is about.

It's on the front page as of right now.

You guys do realize that new panels can be added to the world at any time (and existing ones can be modified). Who's to say the world is static?

The bit at the end[0] is hex for 'ProPuke is awesome'.

0: /* 50:72:6f:50:75:6b:65:20:69:73:20:61:77:65:73:6f:6d:65 */

My attempt at hammering the xkcd servers -- also colours missing tiles correctly (black/white depending on south/north): http://explog.in/xkcd.html

[edit: basically lays everything out in a single huge page so that you can scroll instead of dragging]

I just spent 5 minutes exploring and don't think I've seen even 25% of it. Had a grin from the off as well.

I made a little grid with all the tiles on it (they are smaller than the original ones). I hope it makes the navigation easier... Each tile is clickable (it redirects to the original picture)


my hacky way of killing Randall's server:

  curl --limit-rate 40K -O http://imgs.xkcd.com/clickdrag/\[0-100\]\{n,s\}\[0-100\]\{e,w\}.png
Then to remove all the 404s:

  find . -type f -size 345c -exec rm -f {} \;
Woo! No code.

Use "curl -f" and it won't save the 404 output

imgs.xkcd.com seems to point to a CDN, so it's unlikely to kill his server ;)

Reminds me of Scott McCloud's infinite canvas idea: http://scottmccloud.com/4-inventions/canvas/index.html Impressive by the way!

I have made a very low-res polar coordinates version: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/543600/1110polar.png

I will make a larger version later tonight.

Click and Drag without the distraction. put javascript:$('img[title="Click and drag."]').hide();$('img[title="Click and drag."]').parent().css('overflow','visible'); in the url bar

Someone make a large poster of this thing, quick!

And I thought it was going to be a short one. Got to get back to work. By the way, I play this game with Google Maps every day.

And have you already seen everything?

Not really. I will continue at home.

Randall just got crazy (with a good meaning).

Exploring this took me back to the days of playing the Dizzy series of games, wondering what was beyond the next screen.

I just downloaded the image tiles and explored the world that way. Quickest way to make sure I saw everything!

Ok, someone please glue all the tiles together! I can't wait to see all this magnificence!

For some reason I want to load that as a map in worms armageddon

I wonder if this is a world record for the biggest comic ever.

Does anybody know?

I was looking for where the spider was hiding.

Holy shit! I didn't expect it to be this big!

This is just brilliant!

this is strangely poetic

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