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I have a whole (Google) Drive of ideas, each with a hook, strategy, and business plan. Some of them, I have seen startups to independently try. I will post a bunch as individual sub-comments, see if anybody wants to make a startup of them. If somebody does, I will be happy to share most of the rest of details, in exchange for free accounts, recognition, etc.

Ok, I posted about 10% of what I have (most here, one was stray on its own thread). But it started to look like HN spam even to myself, so I stopped. But yes, there is more. And there are some with a lot more dots connected. Contact me if you are ever stuck for ideas. :-)

Photo-workshop aggregation

People like to do photography workshops. But information about workshops is all over the place.

TWIP talked about not having photography workshop aggregator website.

Build one (for worldwide audience) by using Google alerts for keywords and/or site scraping/RSS subscription..

Use NLP/NER to extract people/Location/keywords to make it simpler to populate the database. Maybe use SOLR for searching cached copies of ads.

Start by making it easier for a human to aggregate, then make it a destination that drives traffic, then give photographers tools to manage availability and maybe publication of their workshops through multiple channels.

Expose workshops as calendars for people to subscribe.

Expose information as a widget for SquareSpace, WordPress, etc to allow photographers to use this service for workshop announcement (and therefore locking them in into freemium model)

Making money: * Allow people to subscribe by location, topic, dates (e.g. show me things in Dec-Jan near me) * This creates a list to own and resource to ‘onsell’ for ads/special-offers. * Photographers can pay to access additional features that will then send reminders about classes filling-up

And another page of details.....

Photo Shoot - everybody has a camera, but does not have time to really learn it

Basic Idea: Setup a big room/maze with multiple rooms/shooting range where people can practice their skills with their (or borrowed camera).

The twist: do it in the busy airport where people are forced to have time to kill. As there is no stock to sell, the amount of space required is probably not too high, a bit like the mini-massage rooms.

Make money on: * Sell the cameras they practice with (possibly with Amazon delivery to where they are going) * Sell photography DVDs and/or online services * Sell ebooks * Allow travelling professional photographers do a mini-training when they are passing through airport anyway. Sell their product when they do.

Advertise on tripit based on people's itineraries passing through that airport with more than X hours wait.

Use CameraSim * as pre-workshop training * run it on the computers next to the training while people wait * give it away (branded) as part of the training


And a whole lot of other tie-ins/money making. I have 3 page write up around it.

1-800-Sustainable Allow people to SMS/text (or IM) fish name and get information on whether it is sustainable.

Parse multiple names/synonyms. Provide bit.ly links for full information for those with smart phones.

Use geolocation to differentiate between fish names.

Could be paid by a grant from a nature oriented foundation, add-on service or charge eco-concious users by using premium instead of 1800 numbers.

great app idea overall. Let's make a prototype and shop it around. It could be fish, plants, poaching, shellfish, etc. PM me.


I am glad you liked my idea, but I am actually quite busy right now working on a different one. Not one of this list. :-) But if that does not work out, I'll get in touch. In a meanwhile, if there is somebody else you can interest in it, I would be happy to share the rest of the notes directly.

Shops within reach

Find my a shop (e.g. hardware) by travel distance including public transport, rather than a physical distance. If I am close to a metro/subway, it is often easier to go extra 3 stops on that than walk 300 feet/metres/meters/whatever to do big shopping. And could bring up completely unexpected useful matches.

Find me an app

App to do social voting for iPhone/iPad app to find apps for X Make it free to watch (viral aspect)

Pay $0.99 to vote for questions/ideas $5 for 10 votes (or some similar scaling) If not winning, keep (all, half?) the votes The most voted proposal - somebody at the company does the search, review of requirements Allow to tag, tweet, share to get followers, maybe even track source Also can be leveraged into contacting the original develops and asking them to add specific features (maybe with committed funds - Mini kickstarter)

Something like this? https://openspacestore.com/ http://allthingsd.com/20111213/an-honest-to-goodness-app-sto... (service since dead though, don't follow links from article)

Making support calls hurt less

Introduce man-in-a-middle: phone service (like Google Voice, Conferencing, etc). Used specifically for people calling tech/customer support and provide services to make that experience less painful.

Obvious things: ) Track the time things really take ) Record conversations (some thoughts around one-party and two-party consent here, but if they say 'this conversation can be recorded', you can probably record it too) ) Everybody calling the same tech-support number is also in the same text chat conference. Gives them something to do and also creates a sense of community around shared pain. Maybe even some solutions. ) Give them some pausable social games to play. E.g. 'Hangman with a 'customer support' rep hanging and swear words to guess? :-) ) Integrate GetHuman ) Provide estimated Queuing time based on sample of people using the service

Less obvious things: ) Allow injecting crisp English/whatever voice commands to the system who expects voice navigation. Helps all those for whom English is second/third language (see http://youtu.be/fhE2WgHIuzc) ) Offer AutoMute (http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2005/01/telephone_moni...) ) Provide journalistic interface with statistics/breakdown Allow people to say 'allow/disallow to be contacted for the story' ) Visualise call tree and let user click straight on the result (A company was started just around that couple of years back)

Making money * Allow companies to place their agents into the call, like Comcast Cares * Allow NLP api hook to promote specific customers in the queue (or every customer using the service....) * Allow customers to pay for anonymous accounts (why?) * Allocated inbound number that automatically records that ==nobody ever called back== * Let users do Amazon Turk tasks while they wait as a way to pay for the service

And another page of thoughts.....

Stack Overflow (and other sites) -> WordPress

I am happy to contribute to various Stack sites, but my own blog is growing weeds because of it. Would be nice to have an automated summary of all my contributions showing up on the blog. Similar to Twitter activity blogs, but a lot richer.

Free model - run once a week, put a post in, assigned a single choosable subject, add icon “posted by XYZ” with a link to the original site (allow deleting manually)

Commercial model - chose when to run (frequency/timing/etc) allow to map sites and/or tags to subjects/tags allow template of the information and selecting which fields to show. allow to create post for retroactive content (maybe use StackExchange dumps for past)

I want this one, maybe will make it one day.

Learning photo camera for children (and grandparents)

Fully weather/drop sealed with fixed capacity

Use induction to charge Use wifi and/or bluetooth to transfer pictures automatically to parents/cloud Use bluetooth headset for commands, instructions Probably touchscreen for flexibility and Android for O/S

Camera starts with "press a button" - Ooh, nice start Over time, unlocks more functionality together with teaching instructions

Sell language packs, gamification around picture taking, online sharing services, etc.

A bit of Furby, a bit of MailyApp, a bit of child-proof camera.

Science Karaoke - for all the math/physics students

I remember looking at the math textbook and having no idea how to read those huge formulas.

Get field specialists (or grad students) to read aloud complex mathematical formulas. Helps the beginner researchers to understand how to read (and remember) formulas.

Monetization would probably start from doing it for core-text books and selling DVDs at University bookshops and then reaching to publishers for doing it for new texts before they come out.

Contest tracking

Track the developer contents, list the APIs allowed, deadlines, countries, prizes. Allow people to comment around the tasks Allow people to provide training around the tasks (sell the e-Book versions of the training, give part of money to the original contributor) Allow people to subscribe by programming language Setup landing sites by keywords, etc.

Airport Kindle store

Sell worldwide Kindle Help users to be very quickly setup and configured Buy books by shop issuing gift cards and taking cash in any/local currency Get money from Amazon referrals Provide limited wifi, so people could browse/buy more books

Allows to sell a lot of stuff without much store space.

Kids' checklist

For pre-reading kids, activities with big-pretty icons for things like: putting toys away brushing teeth etc.

Allows them to check items off to give kids good habits. Gamify the achievements. This exists for the fridge, but doing it on mobile devices makes it look cooler.

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