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For anything other than typing up a paper, I hate Word. It is awful with graphics and formatting is a pain in the ass. When it comes to working with images and text in Word, I almost feel like it would be easier (and less of a hassle) to hand code it in HTML with CSS and then print that instead of doing it in Word. The last few months have been torturous because my fiance and I have been using Word to create our wedding invitations. If that is light years ahead of the competition, I seriously think I need to write a word processor and profit!

You're using the hammer to put the screws in there. Use the tight tools for the right job.

Papers: LaTeX or Word with a proper template (you actually have to know a lot about how to use Word for such things to be effective.)

Wedding invitations: Publisher

Everything else: Word.

That makes sense. The problem is that since it is a one off thing the cost of Publisher ($139.99) would've offset the savings of making the invitations at home. But I will keep that in mind for the future.

Just snag the 30 day trial :-)

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