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Page Layers - Convert websites to layered Photoshop PSDs (ralfebert.de)
71 points by kreutz on Sept 16, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

Wow! I just decided 4 days ago that I would do at least 5 things every day to improve or promote my apps.

To put the focus on putting my time in, not on getting immediate gratification. Like sending out a promo code for the app to an editor every day instead of checking the website statistics every day.

To get rid of my perfectionism, good enough is good enough. Like recording the demo video yesterday, which is FAR from perfect and deciding it's good enough, I'll put it out, I can always put out a better version later.

I take waking up and finding myself on the front page of HN as a sign that I should continue doing that :)

Most designers that I've worked will have manually created a layered PSD file that the site's design is based from.

However, overtime this file can become out of date - or can get lost if you change designers or programmers.

Seems like this is a great way to restore your photoshop file from the working HTML. Would be amazing if it could link up to the vector graphic files as well. Smart Objects are perhaps the best thing to happen to Photoshop since layers.

Text content should be converted to PSD Text Element. Some of CSS effects are better represented using PSD Layer Style effects. Check out the complete PSD file format here: http://www.adobe.com/devnet-apps/photoshop/fileformatashtml/...

I haven't really try LZW compression for the image data, but it seems that generated PSD file for a single webpage is extremely huge (multi megabytes PSD file). Standard Photoshop App generate image data with mostly Packbit compression. There is probably room to improve on that.

Could you build this into a web-service that non-Mac using folks could use ? Maybe you could use Amazon "Requester Pays" and Devpay [1] to make money out of the service.

[1] http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AmazonDevPay/latest/DevPay...

This looks awesome dude. Looks like you also have some other nice apps up there. Can you make a living from the sales?

Not yet, but it makes a nice extra income every month. To make a living I also offer Git and iOS training classes in Germany. Combination of teaching and building my own apps makes me happy :)

Once again, a pity the Mac App Store doesn't offer a way to try before buying (at least at that price point) -- I'd like to see what it does with text, notably, Google Web Fonts (rendered to Bitmap? Automatic downloading of Google Web Fonts to Photoshop?)

Very cool. One of those "why didn't I think of that" apps.

The strapline on your web page should be: Converts your website into photoshop layers Not: Converts your website in photoshop layers

Thanks, I'll fix this today!

I usually want to go the other way...

Wow. Powerful stuff. What's the technology behind this? Native Cocoa code?

Yes, Objective C with a little bit of JavaScript.

This is some cool tech! Really see myself using this.

What rendering engine is this using?


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