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Actually this has nothing to do with Java developers, as much as people here likes to look down on them.

This has to do with calling a single command and blasting out an app for IOS once you have already written an app for Android.

If you note carefully Google could have done it the other way around, by implementing IOS shims on top of Android.

This would have been easier (as Google controls Android) and because Objective C code is low level code that is easier to port to high level Java code.

And it would have given an incentive to those who have already written IOS apps to port them to Android.

So why not do it that way? Because then everybody would develop for IOS first and Android second and few people would use the Android specific features. By going from Android to IOS, Android is the primary system, but Google still lover the cost of development of Android apps by having the IOS market articficially subsidise it.

It is the classing Jole post (http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/StrategyLetterV.html) with the twist that Google is lower the price of the complements to its complements (ie. smart phones are complements to Google ads and apps are complements to smart phones).

While there's a ton of Android apps, I'm pretty sure there's already a large part that targets iOS first simply because of how long iOS/app store has been around compared to Android.

Not to mention the iOS SDK is much nicer.

I think this is debatable. It's lamentable seeing it said as a truism without supporting information.

Speaking as someone who has developed on both platforms, it's definitely my experience. And that includes starting with an Android app and porting it to iOS - half of the stuff I had to add to Android to make it usable I discovered they had already built into iOS. Not to mention the poor choice of defaults, coping with device fragmentation, and the difficulty making Android apps look attractive via-a-vis iOS.

I haven't built ICS apps, though, so perhaps it's getting better.

It will be so much better to have Objective C Runtime on Android. I haven't seen any java based Android apps that run smoother than Google Chrome on Android, which I highly suspect that it was built using C/C++ instead of Java.

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