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We were told (by Braintree) that you are not allowed to have multiple simultaneous Merchant Accounts (not counting Paypal). Is this not true?

Kristi answers you below (No, it's not a problem, at least, one I never experienced with any banks I ever dealt with). I will, however, say this: each bank is different. Trust contracts to define. Beyond that, get second opinions on everything. And then get contracts to back it up. You are dealing with money. Probably a lot of money. Spend the time to understand exactly what you are told. What you assume Braintree said may not be what they mean. And always get a contract.

Kristi from Braintree here. From a technical perspective, having multiple simultaneous merchant accounts shouldn't be a problem. If you'd like, shoot us some details, and we can see how we can help - support@braintreepayments.com

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