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There are other screencasts on xiki.org/screencasts that go into detail about specific scenarios. Some of them are a little out of date but the general idea is till the same. The one on web development is decent but needs an update. More screencasts to come soon.

I've gotten similar feedback, re imagining what it would be used for. The simplest use case is probably the "shell terminal but better" one. You can narrow down the output of shell commands, and make reusable files with notes as you run stuff (for yourself to use later on, or for other people). You can nest the commands underneath directory paths to avoid having to CD. You can change parts of the paths to re-run the same commands in a parallel dir structure in a different place (even a remote server). You can search command history in a specific dir and re-run commands (vs bash history showing you commands that were run in any dir). You can post any notes you made on the web or email them to people, for others to help others get started using stuff.

Going a bit higher-level, Xiki sort of lets you have "paths" (kind of analogous to url's) for many different things - database records, running commands in specific dirs, running a line of javascript in your browser, changing the style of a div, firing off a button click on a web page given its id, running unit tests, showing runnable (and modifiable) example code for various frameworks, etc. Most people probably agree that having paths for files and web pages is pretty useful. Having paths to other things can be useful for many of the same reasons.

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