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Yeah, and after 1945 all Italians had been "resistance fighters", of course; saying otherwise would have put your life in danger. Every revolution has its special tribunals.

I suspect, 10 years from now, the well-educated youth who grew up in secularist and nationalist Arab regimes, will think they made a big mistake when they toppled them. Like Coptic Christians who badmouthed Mubarak in Egypt, they didn't know how good they really had it.

You don't 'have it good' if you depend on the government oppressing, torturing and disappearing others.

If the alternative is oppressing, torturing and disappearing YOU, I'd argue you have it quite good indeed.

EDIT: to clarify, I'm not saying that murderous dictators are a good thing. What I'm saying is that, by toppling them with all-out revolutions, they've probably thrown the baby out with the bathwater, because they've discredited the whole nationalist/secularist argument.

Considering Qadafi and Mubarak were getting very old, it would have been much better to negotiate a gradual transition to parliamentary rule, like they've had in Spain or Chile.

The only way to make sense of this is by taken a super long term perspective. I can see some point, that with a lot of luck one of the next generations might become more tamed down. At least I honestly can't make any other sense of this "yeah, so we removed the dictator, now do whatever you want" approach.

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