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So, it's Acme? or well not per se acme, but plan9 terminal style.

Exactly my thought. Executing any text anywhere, browsing directories with a clip, so much of that demo made me wonder if the author had ever seen Acme or if it was an example of parallel evolution.

Reminds me more of a Smalltalk workspace pane, except everything seems more disparate and random. It must be cool if you happen to use these particular tools, but I'd prefer something more minimalistic and generic, like the part where you can expand command output or execute it anywhere (just like in Smalltalk) or the part where you can assign on-click commands, and stuff like that. Something you can use for many different things. The rest looks overengineered and way too specific.

People have mentioned similarities with Smalltalk and other tools. If you know of a good screencast or something else that shows demos the Acme stuff it would be awesome if you could post the link in the comments.

Yes, but the plan9 text editor/shell/IDE is called Acme: http://doc.cat-v.org/plan_9/4th_edition/papers/acme/

yes, but the shell isnt responsible for the terminal or the editing capabilities on the rio windows. unlike unix, plan9 has no ttys or cursor addressing or no ansi graphics.

everything is just (UTF-8) text.

the window system and acme allow you to edit whats on the screen. and theres a mechanism called the plumber that lets you execute various action depending on selected text.





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