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On Anandtech's live blog it was said that the maps demoed did not match the maps in beta. I think they specifically said he checked and there was no Big Ben 2 days earlier on beta.

Agreed, the final version is likely to be better than the beta, but adding 3D flyovers of landmarks really doesn't help me in my day to day life living in NYC. I need in app transit directions, otherwise maps are largely useless.

I also need correct search results. For example, searching for "Flatbush Farm" -- a bar/restaurant near my apartment in Brooklyn -- yields the correct establishment on Flatbush and 6th, as evidenced by the Yelp reviews, but drops a pin in Queens. I've reported many incorrect listings over the past couple of months and none of them have changed.

You should check out iTrans NYC on the App Store. I have no relationship to the developer(s), but it's probably my favorite transit app, and I've used a lot of them. Unfortunately I only get to use it during visits to New York, since I live in the Bay Area.

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