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>My point is simply that Western civilization, and the Enlightenment values that underpin it, faces an existential threat from religious fundamentalism.

Closer to home is the threat to Enlightenment values comes from lobbyists buying off our politicians and slowly transforming us into the kind of third world shithole that fundamentalism thrives in. Maybe more of a high priority than evil Muslims on the other side of the world, eh? Less dramatic, though, so you can't feel all messianic about it and beat your chest from your armchair.

I never said it was the only threat we face, but lobbyists, as far as I'm aware, don't blow people up for saying things they don't like. It's a fundamentally different degree of danger.

You seriously feel in danger of getting blown up by Muslims? You're way more likely to get hit by a bus or get shot by the police.

>You seriously feel in danger of getting blown up by Muslims?

Not at all. My argument is not predicated upon mortal danger to my person, but rather the existential threat to the beliefs I hold dear posed by those who meet criticism with indiscriminate murder. That they tend to be Muslims says something about Islam, and about the breakdown of civilization in that part of the world. However, I by no means lump the actions of a few extremists in with the billion other Muslims who don't murder innocents whenever they feel slighted.

>You're way more likely to get hit by a bus or get shot by the police.

A Big Mac is far more likely to kill you than either of those. Again, this is not about individual mortal danger, but rather about winning the culture war that we have no choice but to fight.

"We will not win this battle with diplomacy; our enemy has no desire for it. We must stamp out the medieval death cults that threaten us, and this will require force."

"Culture war" or use of "force"? Or does "culture war" involve force?

Whatever a culture war may or may not entail (I choose to remain optimistic, no matter how foolish that may be), it is certain that it will not be won by curbing our words to avoid offence. There are things that must be said about certain aspects of modern society that simply cannot be said politely.

Culture war? Watch this...


"evil Muslims on the other side of the world"

If only they were the only fundamentalists we had to worry about...

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