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This is really sad (I remember trying to play EVE from Baghdad, but the latency made combat really painful, so instead I just read kindle books...).

I wish DoS had more "continuous" force protection levels; they seem to go from ~nothing (relying on host nation) to absurd overkill, with nothing in between, unlike DoD and others who have multiple levels.

>I wish DoS had more "continuous" force protection levels

I imagine they will, now.

I think State's head of diplomatic security hasn't been doing his job very well...

What happened was they never had staffing appropriate to the mission, so they switched to using contractors for PSD (far more than DoD ever did; for DoD, contractors were support and logistics and low-level on base security).

The triple worldwide security contract (Blackwater, DynCorp, Triple Canopy) seemed ok, but then there were political/PR issues with Blackwater.

Considering the new US embassy in London (special relationship! BFF!) will have a frigging moat, I think they try too hard most of the time.

It's actually ridiculous how they got caught out so badly in such an unstable country. Surely you wouldn't rely on "New Libya" military to buy you a packet of crisps...

They try too hard in places which are permissive, and have no real idea how to operate in non-permissive environments (Libya!). Semi-permissive they also don't do well (if you built a 30 year building, Yemen was semi-permissive back in the day, but is now someplace I'd define as non-permissive for US forces).

If London ever gets to the point of needing a moat to defend the US embassy, we're pretty screwed overall.

Part of this is hiding CIA crap in the embassy, but a lot of it is just ego and committee rule (no one gets fired for adding security features...)

The 9th paragraph from the end of this article on Salman Rushdie (I'd recommend the whole thing)discusses the British security approach versus the American. Big presence versus almost no presence. Rushdie is oddly relevant here... http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/09/17/120917fa_fact_...

underlies the fact that state is chronically underfunded compared with DoD...regional commands tend to conduct their own diplo missions w 100s of millions of discretionary funds

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