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Sorry, but they've already started the fight. If only they would keep to themselves, I'd have no quarrel with them. The Amish are incredibly religious, but they keep to themselves. I would never say we have to get rid of the Amish Church.

Fundamentalist Islam, like Evangelical Christianity, is not like that. The first threatens our values with bombs, the latter with ballots. Both seek to unmake Western civilization, and remake it in their image. Both must be defeated. The only difference is that the Evangelicals are not yet blowing people up, and so our response to them need not be so firm. Make no mistake, though, our society simply isn't compatible with religious fundamentalism, and so it must be subdued and eradicated. In most places, we can do that with education, dialogue, and economic development. In others, it will require armed resistance.

Good lord, you sound as frothing-at-the-mouth radical as any extremist I've ever heard. Subdue and eradicate those who behave or think different than us? Like the Jews for example?

False equivalency. When Jews launch an aggressive campaign to kill those who merely disagree with them, you'll have a point.

Aggressive campaign? They killed about 3k of our people. We've killed over 100k people in response. Which of those sounds more aggressive?

From their perspective, we started the fight. If only we'd kept to ourselves, they'd have no quarrel with us. There's been a huge amount of really violent and nasty and selfish Western intervention in Africa and the Middle East and indeed most of the world since before you were even born.

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