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Ask HN: How have you been celebrating programmer's day?
34 points by gamebit07 on Sept 12, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 41 comments

I wasn't even aware we had a programmers day, so I've spent my programmers day cleaning up after someone who's getting no jelly and ice cream at this programmers party.

Programming, Motherfucker

For those that don't know about the Programming, Motherfucker Manifesto, here it is: http://programming-motherfucker.com/

My favourite methodology, the only one that is not full of BS (I'm not kidding).

Same here !

Did some programming.

It's my birthday, so I'll be celebrating it with cake and ice cream :-)

Happy birthday!

Aw, usually programmer's day is my birthday, but it's a leap year.

I'm turning 100000 tomorrow.

So far? Sitting through an 8:30am Stat class. Afterwards? Catching up on sleep, then working on my research (by which I mean programming a bunch).

Wrote a notification system for Lua. Nothing exactly challenging but something I plan on posting on github to save other programmers ~30 minutes.

Taking the rest of the week off, going on holiday to the Netherlands and working on some long-standing items on my programming to do list.

I forwarded this to my boss. Waiting for approval.

I'll be at PennApps in a 48 hour hackathon. I encourage everyone else to get out there and fix the world, one segfault at a time.

Browsing HN and Reddit and writing some code and teaching a friend how to code. Plus waiting for iPhone announcement.

I took the entire week off and have been using the time to work on my game. My fiancée doesn't understand at all :)

Thinking about a new technically challenging project, that will help programmers, who are also designers.

if (isProgrammersDay) { beer++; }

i would prefer { ++beer; }

in my case ++beer--


Pre increment being faster than post increment. Detailed article: http://www.sanity-free.com/145/preincrement_vs_postincrement...

Ok, pardon my ignorance, and I know this is really getting out into the pedantry weeds, but that seems like a slightly bizarre post, at best misleading, at worst even wrong.

Why would anyone chose A in that example? Does using pre- and post- increment really result in different behavior for that example in C#? In other words, do these really produce different output:

    for(int i = 0; i < 5; ++i) {

    for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
Answers to this question on StackOverflow indicate not: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/484462/difference-between...

It seems like the example might have been supposed to be:

    for(int i = 0; i < 5; ) {
Furthermore, is this even correct: "What is the order of operation? Declare, loop body, compare, increment, loop body, compare, increment, .... " Surely for loops in C# are the same in almost every other language, and the comparison happens once before the body is ever executed?

I don't know anything about C#, but I think the suggestion to use one over the other due to performance is pretty poor advice if applied in general. I doubt incrementing an integer is a performance issue in many programs, and if it is you should come to that conclusion after careful profiling. Granted, that post makes the point that based on the C# spec one may be faster than the other, but I still think there are more important things to spend time optimizing.

I like how an off the cuff response to a jokey piece of pseudocode gets decent responses. And people say Hacker News has gone downhill.

I like pre-increment due to the speed aspects as well, but it took ages to break out from the university training of "use post-increment for most situations", which is frankly baffling.

The compiler I am using produces the exact same output for either variation of the aforementioned code. Perhaps it is a good habit to get into if you are jumping between different tools though.

I've always felt it read better too. I mentally say "increment i" for ++i versus "i increment" for i++.

in this case no matter :)

don't forget unit tests

Possible tests i could think of:

date_count_of_year is 255.

beer_available should return 200 response

non availability of beer should return 404

apetite to drink = True

Feel free to add more!

&& money_count() should cause stack overflow :)

Learning new languages and SDKs (Go & Android). Planning the amazing hack of my Nexus Q.

Trying to build a web crawler :-)

You mean except the Brazilian dancers? Man, these lap dances can be pretty disruptive...

I actually forgot about it. But, surprisingly, my mom called me and celebrated :) Yay!

What I do every other time I'm "programming": Perusing Hacker News... :p

They they programmers actually spend their time: bugfixing.

Wishing Programmer's Day was a national holiday.

Had a haircut, shave and head massage.

I'm designing a card for next year.

Started work on my new startup :)

Shipping! :)

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