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SEEKING WORK - Remote (based in France):

I am a python senior coder/project manager/former startup founder. My full profile is here http://www.linkedin.com/in/lionelbarretdenazaris

My experience: - delivered 10M SLOC applications (ATARI's Act of War, Urban PAD)

- experienced public speaker : consultant at Clermont-Ferrant University on (game) pipelines and modeling, speaker at Universal Shanghai Expo, etc.

- good knowledge of web technologies

- like coding and interesting problems (architecture, 3d, big data, compilers/type systems).

My skills:

* Consulting on software publishing : getting the right features and the right roadmap.

* Project Management and Code pipeline design : organize the team, choose the right tools (languages & libs) and the packaging/deployment process.

* Software architecture & development : build a flexible software and code efficiently with adapted coding guidelines and methodologies.

* Training : Python, Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Quality Coding, 3d, The next languages (haskell, go, etc), Linux.

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