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Their engineer claims it was an issue with BGP (http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.org.operators.isotf.outages...).

BGPlay (http://bgplay.routeviews.org/) does not show anything indicative in the BGP default-free table (what the Internet sees), as abnormal or misconfigured. While there could be iBGP issues, like others have stated there was (intermittent) connectivity by IP during the outage.

It's both bullshit PR and more importantly spreading disinformation to save face. Why?

A security breach would instill customer fear and generate negative press. Customers would leave by the droves.

A DoS/DDoS displays that GoDaddy has inadequate infrastructure while competitors such as CloudFare actually do. Furthermore, why would a company that pisses off the Internet be appealing to anyone? Again it will generate negative/bad press, and customers will leave by the drove.

Spreading disinformation by claiming it was either a human error or equipment fault? From a company perspective this is actually the best option. Just provide generous service credit to your customers, you may generate positive press, you will gain customer goodwill and regain their confidence. This is GoDaddy's best option.

Until they provide actual details with proof that it was a misconfiguration or hardware fault, I will continue to call bullshit. Too many factors don't add up, especially the publicly available data which monitors the BGP DFT on the Internet.

The two conjectures that seem plausible so far is the SQL injection in their web interface for DNS and/or a DoS/DDoS attack.

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