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You are both right, but your analysis is trivial and his is slightly less so.

A fuller way of combining both would be:

The showing of a movie, specifically to rile up people who would otherwise not have cared, is the application of power to send a political message.

Yes - the message is being generated by a system that uses religion as a major ideology. ~~The system is also populated and maintained~~ edit: The system contains both actors actors who care little for religion, but completely for economic/political/personal gain, and actors who are acting irrationally under a set of irrational data.

Either way, this chain of thought is more likely to immediately generate a flame war, in a thread mourning the loss of Vile Rat.

I'm sorry, I really can't see how something can be more trivial than, "It's not religion, it's power, lol." It's not an analysis at all, it's just a straight up falsehood.

I had posted it earlier in the growth of the thread in the hope that it would prevent a flame war.

Both the answers are simplistic responses to a complex problem which covers geo politics/religion/culture and all sorts of real world barriers.

As distasteful as analogies are - if an engineer said the internet was 0s and 1s he would be correct.

But it wouldn't be usable for long run discussions, and vague enough to generate tonnes of noise over signal.

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