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I've only been here less than a year so I haven't been exposed to that. What I've observed is that the culture is very compartmentalized in the sense that there are lots of small teams that each have a specific product they work on. Each team basically has it's own culture and way of doing things.

That isn't good for standards/best practices, but it does mean that teams have a lot of leeway to do things pretty much however they want. My team has a ton of flexibility on how we code, test, and deploy, though we have to work within some red tape imposed by other teams that have their own way of doing their things.

In my day to day work I'm actually pretty free to work how I want without being pushed by people up the food chain. That could be because the product I work on is a supplementary product and not a 'core' product, though.

Classic engineer. I'm talking about across a product. It's true that within your core group, you are given leeway, but the buck stops there.

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