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What we're being told internally matches the public response. Reading between the lines, it sounds like there may have been human error involved, but that's just speculation.

Our interim CEO confirmed that affected users are receiving a full month refund.

And if it was human error, that's fine! Stuff happens and I can certainly say that I've done my share of human error.

I want to mention a couple things though. The first is that the blame is being placed (at least reading slightly into the PR release) on a 'technology' failure. That is fairly distinct from human error.

The other thing, is that if it was human error, how did the chain occur without a second pair of eyes or similar, such that the outage lasted more than a bit of time?

Third, why was the DNS changed to Verisign? That is still the biggest outstanding question I think in terms of their claimed outage reports. I should also mention that I do have skin in this game as plenty of customers were running at least SOMETHING through Godaddy and were yelling in this direction for stuff breaking...

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